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DIY: Rustic Key Hanger

Today, I went into Pat Catans with a very specific idea in mind. I needed one things and I was convinced that they had to have it. I searched far and wide for that thing. But this thing I could not find. So of course I had to come up with another idea mid-search so that I didn’t leave one of my favorite places empty handed (also, if you spent over $30 you got a free yankee candle, hell yeah). So I dug deep in my brain to think of things I had still wanted to do for the apartment (apartment tour coming in the next few months!) and I remembered that I was super irritated with the fact that I couldn’t find my keys at least three times on the day that we moved in and stayed there, and viola, the Key Hanger idea entered my brain and I was set on that. I am super happy with the way this project turned out. It was super easy and You can personalize it to your own style! Here is how I did it!


I purchased all of these items from Pat Catans. I bought a round piece of wood, and I bought it with the bark on the sides because I thought it would give it a bit more ~personality~. I had no idea what I wanted on the wood at first, but I stumbled upon the adorable lock/key wood cut-out and I knew I needed that on the hanger because, duh, I am going to hang keys on it! My ideas started running from there. I saw the cute little wooden hearts, and I knew I needed those. I decided then that I was going to put a quote on the hanger as well. I bought letter stencils at this point. They look like letters that would be on some sort of shipping crate, and I liked how that looked. I then decided that having the background just be the wood would be boring; I knew I wouldn’t be satisfied with the end product if I didn’t get a little ~extra~ with it. So I bought the flower stencil because flowers are cute, duh. For the stenciling, I bought little “stamper” brushes in order to dab, dab, dab my letters and the flowers on the wood. Finally, I found the actual hooks, which took me for freaking EVER (Thanks for rearranging the store, my hometown Pat Catans >:-(…). Anywho, I found them and I settled on these cute hooks. I liked how they were while, and had the wooden ball on the end, and I thought it would match well with the bark on the sides! I also bought a hook for the back so I could hang it, I just used screws from home to adhere these things to the hanger, and I used acrylic paint for everything.

To start off,  I painted one of the little hearts a baby pink color, and I let that dry on the side. Then, I drilled the holes so I knew where my hooks would go and also attached the hook to the back of the hanger, like sooooo….IMG_6757

It’s important that your screws are not longer than the depth of your wood, because then the screw will go through the wood, leaving a gaping hole, and you will be one sad DIYer. Also make sure when drilling the holes you don’t go through the wood either. The same sadness will occur.

Next, I dove in to dabbing on my white paint with my flower stencil. I wanted it to look imperfect, so I didn’t try to hard to keep all of the flowers in line. I was going from the rustic, distressed look…….and it turned out like this!

Some flowers are darker than others and some are faded. I think this make it look “older” in a way.

Next, I stenciled in the letters. This was definitely a challenge. These letters are not perfect by any means, but they give the piece some character by not being perfect. As we all know, I am a bit impatient, so the flaws in the letters are mostly due to the fact that I wanted to see the end result out of excitement! So I would dab too hard or more on to the next letter too fast. For the best results, just be patient and wait until the first letter dries!

Finally, my letters were done and I added on the heart and the key/lock. I then screwed in my hooks with a bit of a stagger. The aren’t completely even, and I promise I did that on purpose! I think it looks very rustic and it will fit really well in my new apartment! and viola! The finished product!


I hope you enjoyed this DIY, and I hope you will try it out for yourself! I would love to see everyone’s own style! Thanks!


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