DIY: How to Spice Up an Old Skirt! 

Hello all!! Lately I have been super into the denim skirt trend, but not into the spending money trend lol! Denim skirts are very trendy right now, and you can get them for “affordable prices” but I need better than affordable. I need dirt cheap! I decided that I wanted to make something that is totally mine and unique AND friendly to my bank account. Here’s what you’ll need!

  • Denim skirt
  • Hot glue gun/glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon/fabric/any decorative thing you want
  • Pins/ bobby pins (for hemming)

This was literally sooo easy and soooo affordable! I got my skirt from Goodwill. It was a very lucky find! I paid $3.25 for the skirt. This is the original state of the skirt: 

It was a little long for my taste, so I tried the skirt on and cut around the bottom to my liking and I made sure it wasn’t too short (you may have to leave the back slightly longer if it is real denim). This skirt was not real denim. It was more of a stretchy material, but it still looks denim. This is why I didn’t try to “fray” the bottom like I originally planned. I then folded the part I cut under (inside the skirt) and pinned it so it would all stay the same length. You could sew it, but I am lazy and again, I like immediate results because I am impatient, and I used a glue gun to make the hem of the skirt. I just went around the whole bottom of he skirt. I then took this ribbon (?) type stuff that I got from Pat Catans and I clued it around the pocketed area. I thought this gave it a cute accent and I can still pretty much wear it with anything! This is the final result! 

And here is a close up of the ribbon I used:

I did this DIY in probably 30 minutes. It was super easy, cheap, and fun! And now I have a new cute skirt that is all my own! Hope you enjoyed!


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