The Magnificent Gabriel Brothers

This blog is dedicated to my all time favorite store, Gabes. If you don’t know what Gabes is, you are seriously missing out in life and you need to find the nearest Gabes immediately and experience the greatness. Gabes is heaven for bargain shoppers such as myself; I promise you there will always be a deal! They have name brand clothing and everything is up to 70% off at all times. I probably go once a week (sorry, Mom) and I find something amazing every time.

My love of Gabes bloomed the very first weekend I was at Kent State. Some older friends I had at Kent told me it was awesome and everything was so cheap and amazing. I am always looking for the cheapest option, but I sincerely thought that Gabes could never live up to the cheapness that I am. However, I was very wrong. The moment I walked in there, my life changed forever. Angels sang from the heavens. Long story short, I spent $50.00 total on 14 items. 14 ITEMS!!! Cute dresses, shirts, and even a skirt. I was speechless. From then on, Gabes and I have become inseparable. I go there for everything. I have gotten some insane deal there which include but are not limited to $4.00 Steve Madden sandals, $3.00 denim mini skirt, $5.00 Vera Wang earrings, countless cheap items from Express, and even non-clothing items such as name-brand water bottles, yoga mats ($5.00!!!), and rugs. My only critique is that you really have to dig to find the good stuff, so you definitely need to block out a good 3 hours of your day to sufficiently experience the magnificence that is Gabes.

The outfit that I am about to show you was completely purchased from Gabes for under $30.00! No joke. I wore this outfit to the Panic! At The Disco concert in March (which was amazing, by the way) and I got so many compliments on it. 1aebcb0e33246d947e2ad4e55c632574

Let’s go from top to bottom. The earrings that I am wearing are the gorgeous $5.00 Vera Wang hoops I talked about in the previous paragraph! I purchased them for the sole purpose of matching my shoes, which I will get to in a bit. The romper I am wearing was around $12.00, it is t-shirt material, and was super comfy for jumping around and fan-girling over Brendon Urie. My tights were $2.00 (sorry, I don’t know the brand), and were surprisingly comfy. I was skeptical about this purchase, because as a woman with thick thighs, tights are not always our friend. But these tights stretched nicely and didnt dig into my skin. They were a good choice for a hot, concert atmosphere and a little scandalous. My shoes were $7.00 and I believe they are Hot Kiss? Anywho, they were so comfortable and stylish. They have adorable rhinestones on the top which matched the earrings perfectly, and they laced around my ankles and tied into bows. I was so surprised by these shoes, and I have worn them with a few other outfits recently. All together, this outfit cost $26.00!!!! (P.S. Shoutout to my roommate Maddie for the purse!).

I was inspired to write this because I was in Gabes today (shocker), and I noticed how awesome the deals were especially today. I got a pair of jeans for $3.00!!! Like wtf???? that doesn’t happen anywhere else besides thrift stores and Goodwill. One of my other purchases that I wanted to show you guys is an adorable purse that I purchased today. IMG_5667IMG_5668

Now, I am normally a brown/black purse gal, but I have recently fell in love with floral patterns. It is spring time, y’all, and everyone needs a little pop of color in their lives. I purchased this adorable, over the shoulder BUENO purse today and I am in love. It was originally $65.00, but at Gabes I walked away with this gorgeous hunk of leather for only $16.00. I haven’t worn it out yet, but I have a feeling that it will be worth writing about.

If you have heard of Gabes and love it as much as I do, let me know! If you haven’t experienced Gabes, come visit me at Kent State and I will show you the way to salvation! Ciao!


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