My first post!

Hey everyone! This is my first post here, so bare with me. If you are looking at this page, you know that this is all about fashion and style and crafts and DIY’s and everything girly and awesome. I started this blog because I really enjoy fashion and style. I try to dress with some sort of style everyday, unlike your stereotypical sweatpants-wearing, messy bun-having, pizza-eating college student (disclosure: some days I am exactly the stereotypical college student; oops). My idea for this blog blossomed after weeks of posting OOTD (outfit of the day) snaps on my Snapchat. Some people got tired of them very quickly, but to this day I post a OOTD because I pretty much just feel like it and I can. So, without further ado, my first post!

So I am gonna start out with what I stated earlier, and show you how this blog blossomed into what it hopefully will be. I am gonna show you 2 of my favorite OOTD’s from the past few months. I will let you guys know where everything I am wearing is from and how much they were! Let me know what you guys think! OOTD here we come!


OOTD #1: This here is one of my staple outfits. It is so simple for going out for lunch with friends, or even to dress it up to go out for a casual dinner. This type of outfit can be worn anytime of the year (if it’s warm enough). It’s cute, it’s sassy, it’s practical, and it is everything I live for. This is a special OOTD because it happens to be paired with my absolute favorite lipstick of all time, Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in the shade Damned. I purchased this at my local Sephora and omg this shit is the It is dark and vampy but not too crazy that little kids fear you when you walk down the street. It stays on literally all day and I have never had to reapply it. That is probably why it costs an arm and a leg ($20.00, sorry I am just a frugal person who normally doesn’t spend that much on lipstick). 10/10 Kat Von D. Onto the clothing, the Skull Pineapple shirt is actually from one of my favorite places to shop, Plato’s Closet. Plato’s is cheap and stylish and they always have the latest trends. Although I don’t know where the original shirt is from, the brand is Free State. I paid less than $10.00 for it. The jean jacket is one of my staple pieces to an outfit because they literally match everything. I got this jacket from…wait for it… my GRANDMA! Yes, grandmas can be fashionable. She got this jacket at Old Navy for around $30.00 I am assuming. Next up is the leggings, and these are simple because just about all of my leggings are from PINK/Victoria’s Secret and they are around $30.00 usually. My purse is from the one and only, Target. I used this purse for months and sometimes I still switch to it depending on what I am wearing. It matches so well with just about any color. I think I paid around $24.00 for it on sale. I purchased my TOMS from Journey’s and got them as a Christmas gift. TOMS are usually $50.00 and that is what I paid for them.


OOTD #2: This is also one of my staple outfits to wear for the spring. Let’s start with the Pineapple hat. I eyed up this beauty in one of the best places on Earth, Target. It was $16.00 not on sale and I cringed a little when I purchased it, but I literally wear it all the time. Surprisingly, the light blue color matches things that you wouldn’t think it would, so it has become one of my go-to hats for when my hair isn’t cooperating. My jacket was purchased in Windsor, Canada while on spring break at Urban Planet. It’s basically a mashup of Urban Outfitters and Forever 21, or that is what it seemed like to me. I got it for $32.00. The brand is called Streetwear Society and OHMYGOD this jacket is life!! When it was still chilly I wore this over just about everything. It does keep you warm, but don’t wear it out in 20 degree weather. Be reasonable. My black and white striped shirt is from Old Navy. It is long sleeved, and I got it on clearance for like, $4.00. It is awesome because it matches so much and it is light enough to wear when it is warmer out. My jeans are form American Eagle and I paid $45.00 for them. They are known as the Tomgirl jeans and they are oh-so-comfy. It almost feels like I’m not wearing real jeans. BUT, be warned my fellow fashionistas; your very religious grandpa will see your leg tattoo in them, and he will not be happy. Finally, again I am wearing TOMS. These were $50.00 as well and I got them from Journey’s!

Well y’all, I hope you enjoyed my first blog post. If you have questions/comments/concerns let me know! I am willing to take suggestions on what to post about so I don’t just abuse you all with my OOTD every single day. Adios for now muchachas!


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